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At Ameublement de Lorimier, we offer a wide array of used appliances and refrigerators. Whether for your kitchen or laundry room, you’ll find the appliance you need in our Montreal store. Our success in used appliances sales is due to our excellent delivery and buyback services, as well as our one-year guarantee on all our products.

Used fridge and appliances:
a smart choice

Choosing to buy a used refrigerator or appliances not only lets you enjoy quality appliances, but also saves you a lot of money. It’s a great option with many advantages, leaving you with more savings to invest in other things and activities that are important to you.

Don’t spend a fortune on new appliances: opt for used ones! If you can’t take your new appliance home by yourself, we also offer delivery services.

Ameublement de Lorimier: we are here for you!

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